0.25 SOL
Wave Supply
1000 Fishes
Total Supply 8888Total Supply 8888

8888 Mobster Fishes on the Solana Blockchain

Something’s Fishy is a collection of 8888 unique fishes living on the Solana blockchain. The fishes have over 95 traits across 8 different categories.

You will be able use the fishes in our upcoming play-to-earn mafia-inspired game. The more fishes you have, the more powerful you will be in the game. With great power comes great earning potential.

Digital EyesMagic EdenSolSea

Sneak Peek


Below the surface, in the waters outside the bay of Palermo, swim some of the most notorious and fearsome fishes that exist. An underwater world where different fish families wage war against each other to earn territory and respect. In these bloody waters, the $CAVIAR token is the only thing that matters.

Humans stopped fishing the area recently after they caught a highly ranked fish from the Luiciano family. The word on the street is none of the fishermen survived the encounter.

The citizens below the bridge have had enough. Restaurants are closing left and right, and shops are going bankrupt due to the protection fees the fishy families charge them.

The water has turned crimson. Who will stop this madness?

Anarchy is patrolling the reefs instead of police officers. Besides, the fishes own half the police force. Without any law enforcement, life is nasty, brutish and short. Is there a way out? Who will restore the order?

There is one place left; the Fishy Tavern, where wise guys gather peacefully and talk business. What they talk about is anybody's guess but you may find out if you follow the trails of the $CAVIAR. Be careful though, you don’t want to end up sleeping with the other fishes.

Community First

For us, our community is all there is. Just like in the real world, family comes first. It's part of the code of honor and conduct we live by. We treat our community members the same way we treat our kin. We are charitable and we generously reward loyalty and involvement. Respect is something you earn and work hard for; therefore, we want to give back as much as possible to our community.

Being a member of Something's Fishy community has its perks. Apart from frequent airdrops and giveaways, you will get 100% of the royalties we collect through trading. Our community will be at the heart of our ecosystem as we grow it to epic proportions. We welcome you to our family, our arms are open for everyone. And as long as you follow the code of conduct, we will take care of you and your loyalty will be rewarded, capisce?

20% to charity for newborns
100% Royalties to the community
Reaching out our hand and giving away 200 SOL to rug victims
Another 200+ SOL in community giveaways


Chapter 1

The Prelude

  • Complete Designs
  • Project Launch
  • Launch Website
  • Build Community
  • Creation of the $CAVIAR Token
  • Contests and Giveaways.
  • Secure Marketplaces
Chapter 2

The Racket

  • Sale in waves.
    Starts at 0.25 SOL.
  • Listing on Digital Eyes, Magic Eden and SolSea.
Chapter 3

The Grind

  • Merch Drops
  • Team Expansion
  • Release Whitepaper for $CAVIAR and the Game.
  • Game Development
Chapter 4

The Good Life

  • $CAVIAR Airdrop to Holders
  • Get $CAVIAR Listed for Trading
  • Royalties Portal
  • Release of the Play-to-Earn game.

Rarity Table

Something's Fishy NFT Rarity

Rarity Teasers

Click the buttons below to see teasers from each rarity group.

The Game

Game Teaser
  • The more fishes you have, the more passive income you earn
  • Stake $CAVIAR and get exclusive airdrops
  • Complete missions and earn $CAVIAR
  • The rarer your fish... the higher your earnings.. and bonuses… and airdrops… and influence... and power.
  • Start building your family and prepare to conquer the ocean.

Game FAQ

What kind of a game are you developing, and what’s the status?

A play-to-earn browser game where players complete missions and take on contracts to earn $CAVIAR token. Game mechanics are in place and our design team has already started working on the game. The development will start in Phase 3. Our primary focus currently lies in building the community and ensuring a smooth minting process of the NFTs. We will be expanding the team to accelerate game development in Q1 2022. While sneak-peeks will be shared occasionally, the game is scheduled for public launch in Q2 2022.

How are players going to earn?

There will be daily missions, weekly missions, and special contracts for players to complete. A small $CAVIAR fee will be deducted to start a mission. On completing a mission, you earn $CAVIAR and XP. As you level up, your earnings and perks will increase.

Should you fail your mission, you will lose the small $CAVIAR fee and in some cases, even team members and armory.

So choose your missions wisely and know your limitations. Each mission will show the recommended level, weapons, win percentage, etc. It’s up to you to decide which missions to take on.

The game will follow the “high risk, high reward” formula here. So in the special missions, you may risk losing team members and armory. But the rewards will reflect the difficulty.

The easier missions will require fewer resources but will also be less rewarding. However, as players earn more XP and expand their crew, they will unlock more lucrative missions.

Can players without an NFT still play?

To get new players started and grow the community, we will occasionally sell new collections that are not part of the primary collection. These NFTs will be regular soldiers and can not lead families. They can, however, level up their NFT, upgrade it and then potentially sell it for a nice profit (depending on how the market moves).

When a collection sells out, we will open up a waiting list for players interested in starting playing the game relatively cheaply. During this time, new players can only buy fish on the secondary marketplaces to play the game.

To make sure new players stand a chance in the missions, they can join a family and share a percentage of their earnings with their boss.

Each family leader will determine what fee they want to set. Higher XP families will be able to charge higher fees and vice versa.

It’s also important to note that the initial collection of 8888 fishes will be the only bosses in the game. Hence these fishes will naturally be much more valuable than the collections minted for new players.

The primary NFT holders will get their cuts from these players’ earnings for allowing them to operate. This default cut is set based on a recommended level for their XP, but the family leader may choose to decrease it to attract more players to the game.

What other benefits will Something’s Fishy NFT holders enjoy in the game?

The size of the family is an important parameter that will determine the missions available to you and the number of perks you get. Holding multiple NFTs will lead to more monthly $CAVIAR airdrops and earn you more $CAVIAR from the missions. Apart from the number of NFTs, their overall rarity will also impact the amount of $CAVIAR you make.

In addition to these benefits, holders will be awarded with discounts at the marketplace. The discounts will be proportional to the number of fishes held and will not be influenced by rarity:

Something’s Fishy Club: Must hold at least 1 fish from the main collection. 5% discount on in-game items. Access to the discord channel for verified holders. Monthly $CAVIAR airdrops.

Something’s Fishy VIP Club: Must hold at least 5 fishes from the main collection. 10% discount on in-game items. 10% more $CAVIAR airdrops per fish. Access to the VIP Lounge.

Something’s Fishy Executive Club: Must hold at least 15 fishes from the main collection. 20% discount on in-game items. 20% more $CAVIAR airdrops per fish. Access to the VIP Lounge and the Executive Lounge.

What are the in-game items I keep hearing about? How will they affect gameplay?

Here are a few examples.

Firepower: Guns, bombs, bulletproof vests, etc.

Items: Such as cocaine, for example, will give you a temporary boost before battles the more you snort, but an overdose may cause you to kill your fish.

Flex: You will also get the chance to flex and earn prestige points with cars, clothes, popping champagne, spending on strippers, etc.

How will you keep $CAVIAR valuable?

We will release full tokenomics soon. But to give you a hint, a large amount of the fees earned from the game will go straight into the liquidity pool. We will also be using a portion of the earnings for marketing to grow the community and further improve the gaming experience.

Furthermore, $CAVIAR spent to buy prestige items will be burned.

Finally, fees will be applied to players who want to withdraw their $CAVIAR the same day as they earn it. These fees will decrease every day and will be down to zero after seven days.

More details about our tokenomics will be released soon.

Project FAQ

What is Something’s Fishy?

We are more than a collection of 8888 mobster fishes built on the Solana blockchain. We are a great community that combines crypto with mob culture and humor, the true home of OG fishes.

How to mint?

  1. Go to the minting site.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Mint a Fish.

You will be able to trade our fishes at Digital Eyes, Magic Eden and SolSea.

Which wallets are supported?

Phantom, Slope, Solflare & Sollet.

How do the royalties work?

Original minters get 20% of the royalties, indefinitely. You will get this benefit even if you mint and sell. So, you would probably want to be ready for minting and mint as many as you can.

Then we have the holders. Holders get 80% percent of the royalties as long as they hold. So even if you were not fortunate enough to mint a fish, you would get the lion’s share of royalties just by holding. Ideally, you would want to accumulate as many as you can.

Let’s walk through an example together...

Let’s say there are 1500 fishes traded in a given week with an average price of 10 SOL. The amount of rewards accumulated in the chest would be 750 SOL. With SOL at 200, an original minter would get around 3.38 dollars/week, and a holder would get around 13.5 dollars/week. So if you are both a minter and a holder, you would get 16.88 dollars/week.

If the average price of a fish and SOL both double, which is not out of the realm of possibility, a fish would yield 270 dollars a month. And this is just one fish.

Keep in mind, though, an investment always comes with a risk. At the moment, NFTs are high-risk, high reward, but we cannot foresee the future of the NFT market. The market may keep growing, but it may also fall. So always DYOR and take a personally educated decision.

Are royalties going to be problematic due to legal issues? We have decided to keep the royalties for now, and we are following the development closely. If keeping royalties becomes prohibitively damaging to the community and the marketplaces start applying restrictions. Then we will ultimately have no choice but to adapt. In that case, we will be looking for alternative ways to reward our community.

Why should I mint and HODL a fish?

- Minters will get 20% of all the royalties whenever a fish is traded, indefinitely.
- Holders will get 80% of all the royalties while they HODL.
- Holders will get airdrops of $CAVIAR token.
- There will only ever be 8888 fishes, and these will be the only bosses in the game. Bosses in the game will make much more $CAVIAR token than regular players.

This sounds too good to be true. Will there be any money left for the team?

We started this project with game development in mind, and we are determined to see this through. Whatever money we will make will come from the transactions in the game once it is finished. This provides extra incentive for us to work harder and also frees up funds we can spend on the game and the community. We put our money where our mouth is.

Also, should it come to it, selling out the whole collection is not required for us to continue the development of the game. We have a backup plan that involves an angel investor if things do not go the way we anticipate. The bottom line is this rocket will fly one way or the other!

I heard Michael Corleone is the angel investor. Can you confirm?

The angel investor is a public figure in Sweden and also a politician. We can’t comment further.. for now.

My mama told me to be wary of strangers. Are you guys legit?

We are truly glad you asked. We are deeply troubled with scams and rug-pulls going on in the NFT community. That is why we started the Fish Tank Reserve initiative, where we give our own NFTs to those who were scammed by other Solana projects. We place the utmost importance on transparency and have had internal discussions about doxxing ourselves. While we decided to remain undoxxed for the time being, this may change in the future.

What about rarity?

The rarity chart will be published after all 8888 fishes have been minted. A rarity bot will be available soon after. The rarity of your fishes will determine their influence in the game (more details below).

Which marketplaces Something’s Fishy will be listed on?

Magic Eden, Digital Eyes and SolSea.

The Bosses



The patriarch, natural born leader and a family man. Soon 40, but looks closer to 50. Bawsfish is a stand up fella and also the founder of Something's Fishy. He has a charismatic personality with a pinch of tragicomedy. He claims he's working in the construction industry but something about that smells a little fishy.



The youngster, the Italian stallion. He keeps the team spirit fresh with his spicy ideas and humor. He is a loyal fella and a man of principle. This gentleman is from Sweden with Italian roots. He is in the waste management business.



The dynamo of this project. He is the backbone of this project and takes care of things with no questions asked. Soon 40, a family man located in Sweden. Capofish is the father of many marketing campaigns of Something’s Fishy. Following in the footsteps of Al Capone, Capofish has been a furniture salesman for 7 years. Don't ask any questions.